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Film: Niigaanibatowaad/ Frontrunners

Salt Spring Library Program Room

129 McPhillips Ave
Ganges, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2T6

Film: Frontrunners/Niigaanibatowaad with author Laura Robinson. 7 pm at the Salt Spring Library. 8 - 9 pm discussion: current challenges re: Truth & Reconciliation

Niigaanibatowaad - Frontrunners

a film about FN- Settler relations: betrayal, apology, healing 
Thomas Ross was a FrontRunner, one of 10 Indigenous youth asked to carry a torch from St. Paul, Minnesota, to Winnipeg, Manitoba for the PanAm Games in 1967. Six days later, when the torch arrived at the stadium, a non-Indigenous runner took it and carried it inside to light the flame that would signal the start of the Games. The FrontRunners who had carried the torch over 800 kilometres along an ancient trade route were ignominiously denied the honour of bearing it on the final leg of its journey. 
Based on a play by Laura Robinson, this film depicts the injustice of residential schools and the PanAm Games incident of 1967 and what was done to make amends at the 1999 Games.
Note: The subject matter of this film is challenging and may give rise to strong emotions.
The 50 min. film will be followed by refreshments and a Q & A session with Laura Robinson and discussion of current challenges along the path towards truth and reconciliation.
Co-sponsored by the Salt Spring Public Library, the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace (Salt Spring) and the Writer's Union of Canada.


Sunday, 23 April


Jan Slakov

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